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The Loud Noise Podcast!

Jan 28, 2019


Ethan Eubanks is a drummer and fixture on the NYC music scene. With a love for all things swinging, soulful, funky and honest, Ethan is a renaissance man driven by his creative muse which manifests in various ways. A drummer, bandleader, record producer, writer and chef, Ethan is many things to many people.

Highlights include playing drums with singer-songwriters Juliana Hatfield and the Crash Test Dummies, blues artist Bill Sims Jr and jazz legend Joe Sample. Currently, he is performing with actress and comedian, Rachel Bloom. If you’re in NYC you can find Ethan performing with his bands, Detroit Grease a classic soul-jazz organ trio, the New Orleans inspired 41 Players or his passion project, Still Bill, a Bill Withers tribute that brings you as close as you’re gonna get to the real thing! You can find Ethan on Twitter at @eestankify or on Instagram at