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The Loud Noise Podcast!

Feb 12, 2019

Libor Šmoldas is a Czech-born jazz guitarist living in Prague. He performs internationally with his own group and as a sideman.

With 9 albums released under his name, he has performed and recorded with bassists, Jay Anderson and George Mraz, drummers Jeff Ballard and Adam Nussbaum, organists Sam Yahel, Ondrej Pivec and Brian Charette and legendary saxophonist Bobby Watson.

In our conversation, we get into so many things that I think are so important and interesting, I've decided to split our conversation into 2 episodes.

I hope you enjoy Part 1! 

Music featured in this episode:  

"Liquid Breakfast" from Libor's album, NYC Trio, On the Move

"Serenáda from" Libor's solo guitar album, Blue, Šmoldas plays Ježek.